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xAP - An Open Standard for the Home

xAP is an open protocol intended to support the integration of telemetry and control devices primarily within the home - it is the glue that supports the interconnectivity of Home Automation devices.

xAP Home Automation protocol

The primary design objectives are:

  • Simple, easy to implement/retrofit
  • Suitable for use with a wide range of processing capabilities, from embedded controllers to fully fledged PC's
  • Operating system agnostic
  • Programming language agnostic
  • Network agnostic
These are lofty design goals, and initial implementation is currently focussed on IP based networks, PC's running Linux and Win/32, and Rabbit embedded microcontrollers.

What does it do?

Put simply, xAP provides the glue to interconnect different applications and devices within the home. It's an open standard, so anyone can create a xAP aware applications or devices. Any xAP device can potentially communicate with any other xAP device with the minimum of fuss, allowing you to, say, control your heating from a Slim MP3 player or display the name of a person calling your home phone on your TV screen.

Links to the xAP wiki at xapautomation.org

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Link to using xAP with Misterhouse for speech - On my Misterhouse page


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