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xAP - eXtremely SimPle ProtocoL

What is the xPL Project?

The xPL Project was started in January 2003 by Ian Lowe and Tony Tofts. It's goal: To create a unified protocol to allow the control and monitoring of all devices within the home, whilst maintaining an unparalleled level of simplicity and ease of use. During the first half of 2003, the protocol was refined to include powerful auto-discovery and configuration capabilities. With the core protocol now in place, much of the work involves integrating xPL support into software and hardware devices.

What is xPL?

xPL is an open protocol intended to permit the control and monitoring of home automation devices. The primary design goal of xPL is to provide a rich set of features and functionality, whilst maintaining an elegant, uncomplicated message structure. The protocol includes complete discovery and auto-configuration capabilities which support a fully "plug-n-play" architecture - essential to ensure a good end-user experience.

xPL benefits from a strongly-specified message structure, required to ensure that xPL-enabled devices from different vendors are able to communicate without the risk of incompatibilities

What does xPL stand for?

It's an abbreviation for "eXtremely simPle protocoL".

I would like to have some hands on experience with xPL. Can you direct me to where I can get xPL devices to test?

There are a lot of different types of device that have been xPL-enabled, so it really depends on exactly what area of automation you are interested in. The best place to ask is the xPL Forums Lots more info on xPL at the xPL Project site

xPL Links

xPLHal is the engine at the heart of your Windows-based xPL-based home automation system. It is responsible for processing incoming xPL messages, and executing scripts to perform a wide variety of tasks.

xPL4Java xPL4Java is the an engine for the heart of your xPL-based home automation system. Written in Java, it's available for many platforms. It supports executing xPL scripts and hosting any of the many xPL4Java modules.

xPL forums Forums for xPL users and developers (mailing list or web access -- your choice)

xPL Project Documentation

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