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and welcome to DeclanGrady.com

This is my personal home in cyberspace
You will find that these pages can change regularly, as I add links and information to things I like and things that I find useful on the world wide web.

As you can see from the links above to the various pages, I have tried to separate the information into useful categories.

The Cars page contains some info on motoring in general, with links to various websites and forums that I find useful and entertaining. It also contains links to more pages about specific cars, like Porsche 911, Porsche Boxster, Mercedes 190 (W201), Audi A4, MK1 VW Golf GTI, and of course the infamous VW Beetle (Bug).

The Folding Campers page gives some details about folding campers (surprise surprise) together with some links to the manufacturers.

The Motorhomes page has some manufacturer links, and a couple of forum links.

The HA - Home Automation page has some info on useful stuff for home automation : Things like X10, Misterhouse, xPL, xAP, and some info on CCTV for the home.

The Links page is some interesting & useful links I have come across, which do not really fit into the other categories.

The The End page takes you to the very last page on the internet.

Have a look around.

The various advertisements are my (weak) attempt to make my millions from the internet. You never know !

Feel free to link to any of my pages, but I would ask that you do not link directly to the images.
This really wastes my limited bandwidth, and costs me money ! Please don't link directly to the images here. Thanks.

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Most of these pages have been written using a program called Notepad++. This is like a Notepad on steroids. I like it.
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